Chimp Rewriter Review

You are welcome to Chimp Rewriter Review. Our product or service experts have released a written report around the Chimp Rewriter . As you may realize,before opting to buy anything offered in the marketplace you must 1st observe the other many people feel right after which go to a selection if it worths trading.

Chimp Rewriter Review

Chimp Rewriter Coupon CodeWho likes writing articles? No one. And the cost of hiring a writer to churn out content for your marketing campaigns can get costly fast. So, in this Chimp Rewriter review, I want to touch on this hot new trend of article spinning and how it can be the saving grace for your fingers and your pocketbook when it comes time to get new content for your next site.

It was one of the biggest shakeups in internet marketing history.  Practically overnight previously stable search engine rankings were thrown into chaos… waterfalls of traffic instantly dried up…. and six-figure businesses were reduced to ruin. If your business was one of the casualties from this online carpet bombing, I’m sorry…

But whether you were or weren’t effected by this massive marketing shift, you can easily turn Google’s renegade actions into a huge opportunity. Let me explain..

You see, post-Penguin, Google’s not nearly as interested in incoming links as it once was.  Now, they’re looking to see who’s an “authority” in a subject, and put their website near the top. They’re also highly interested in anyone who produces fresh, original content quickly and consistently, giving those sites heavy weighting in the SERPs.  In short… anyone who has numerous unique articles plastered all over the web will win the search war.

We’ll talk a little more about that in just a moment… but if you’re in a hurry, you should know this is the tool I recommend to help you do just that:  Here’s the deal… Chimp Rewriter

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What is Chimp Rewriter ?

Released in 2010, by Aktura TechnologySpinChimp (Chimp Rewriter) is a powerful article and content spinning software contending as one of the most advanced and feature packed spinning software’s on the market. The Chimp Rewriter is contextual aware, only spinning verbs with verbs and nouns with nouns, so that your spun article has a higher likelihood reading correctly.

Chimp Rewriter Review

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Chimp Rewriter, on the other hand, has quickly risen in recent months to the top of the spinner charts with its seemingly simple approach to the process. Instead of just spinning words, the software will spin entire sentences, mixing up the entire article rather than just sentence level structure. It is also very fast – something you do not always find in the alternatives. It can reproduce more than 500 articles in less than 10 minutes, all with varying word counts to ensure they look unique at all times.

As per any Chimp Rewriter review, the software goes another step and serves as an auto-submitter as well, inputting your logins and article data to major article directories around the Internet. It’s easy to use and can also produce simple HTML versions of articles that will provide easy to use web content in seconds.

In short, it takes all the best features of the other article spinners on the market and puts them into a single, well designed product. The price is competitive with any other service and the bonuses offered by the author are tremendously useful.


Chimp Rewriter’s benefits

  • Backed by scientific research: Chimp Rewriter’s technology is built upon exhaustive research on Natural Language Processing. This is a huge field of Artificial Intelligence enriched by students and professors at Stanford, UPenn, MIT and more. It has even been sponsored by big players like Facebook, Google and Microsoft. In plain English, that means Chimp Rewriter understands content like a human, not a machine.
  • Trusted by SEO professionals: Chimp Rewriter is the go-to rewriter for countless professional SEO teams and service providers. The reason is simple. No other software provides the essential combination of smart semantic automatic rewriting with lightning fast manual rewriting. They know that manual rewriting is mandatory for modern SEO and ranking on page 1.
  • Much more than an article rewriter and spinner: Don’t have any content to start with? No worries. Chimp Rewriter has a built in system for grabbing content from the web for you to build into your own content complete with images and video. Multimedia rich content is favourable to search engines and users alike. You’ll also receive a pack of 5,000 articles on signup.

There is a free basic version available to test out the software and three different subscription options for the pro version; Quarterly, Yearly and Lifetime costing $19.00, $59.00 and $127.00 respectively, all backed with a 60 day money back guarantee. In 2013, SpinChimp began its relaunch as Chimp Rewriter  which is currently in its beta version and is available to test for free. (Chimp Rewriter Coupon updated here)

P.S. This software is very powerful, but don’t let that deter you – it’s incredibly easy to use. But don’t take my word for it… try it out today and join the thousands of happy ChimpRewriter users out there already!

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